Back up: Don’t wait until your device gets lost or stolen

Back up: Don’t wait until your device gets lost or stolen

It only takes a few minutes and will save your precious data

As we enter the manic Christmas-shopping-period, reports of stolen phones will increase. Last year, on Grafton Street, a mobile retailer told me that they had 6 people coming into the shop saying their phones had been taken over a 5 hour period. The phone is replaceable, but your content is not; so do the right thing and back up now!

Let’s start with your contacts. Remember the good old days, when getting a new phone meant writing all contact numbers on an A4 page and copying over manually? We’ve all been there.

It could not be easier to backup all your contacts now thanks to the almighty-cloud. There are many to do this, but the easiest in my opinion – is via Gmail.

If you have a Gmail account and are using an Android phone:

Go to Settings – Backup and Reset
Check that the Backup My Data tab is ticked
Insert your Gmail address as the back-up account.
On iPhone, using a Gmail:


Visit and log in with your Apple account details
Select contacts and hit the wheel in the left corner
Hit select all and then “Export v Card”
This will download a file, which you then upload to your Google Drive
Download this from Google Drive your new phone and the contacts will appear
Your contact information will then appear in the contacts section of your Gmail account. This means if the phone is lost or stolen, your contact list is safe and accessible from anywhere in the world.


We’re taking more photos than ever before, so it’s incredibly important to ensure that you backup weekly, if not daily. The system I would recommend is via Google Photos. Download the app and follow the steps on screen. This will place all of your photos into the Cloud and make them accessible at any stage in the app or via

One thing to check, however, is that you change the settings to ensure the photos are only uploaded whilst on Wifi. Failing to do this could result in a hefty data bill.

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